WWDC 2021 is over…

WWDC 2021 is over, and has brought a ton of new apis, tools improvements, in form of videos and labs to get to known them, but to be honest, for me, working full time, I barely watched three videos during the whole week, and there are so many videos, so many shinny things to look at…And not enough time, and that is fine, it is imposible to digest everything, and luckily, we got all recorded. So this is the content I’ve decided to digest during the time that it takes to do it, in headlines and organized for my interests, that may match yours…At the end, the goal of this article is to understand, that it takes time to assume new things, new knowledge, and as time is a limited resource, it is better to organize yourself, so there we go!

WWDC in headlines…for me.

Concurrency in Swift:

I can say with no fear to fail, that all the Swift community was very hipped with the coming of Async/Await to Swift, until realized it is constrained to iOS 15… Don´t get me wrong, it is an awesome language feature, but that practically in most of companies, we won’t be able to use at least in a couple of years…If you wanna feel the drama, there is big thread in the swift forums. Ok, stop whining and give the source. This are the videos I matter the most for this:

What is new in UI?

SwiftUI keeps growing, and by the time iOS 15 is released, having into account that will support devices as old as iPhone 6s, many projects will drop support for iOS 12 (this is an educated guess), and SwiftUI whether if you like it or not, is the future for UI:

Xcode got reinforcements!

I am a lucky man, and the company I work for (Agile Content), provided me with an M1 MacBook Pro to work with. I’m not bragging about it, just want to say that since I’m using a M1, most of the problems I had before working with Xcode are just gone, and now, with Xcode 13, our beloved/hated development tool has got very promising upgrades to ease our lives:

Those are a lot of seasons to watch, but wait…isn´t there any video about Combine? Well for second year in a row, nope, no videos, no updates, so, it’s Combine dead? That give for another post, but from my point of view, Combine is not dead, yet.

And that’s a wrap! The next article, as promised before, will be the introduction for combine!

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